WeChat can also make money, and it is so simple, you do not know?

I do not know from what time, around the domestic residents on the screen of a WeChat and WeChat group, began to become a variety of domestic start-up companies scrambling for the emergence of the ground and sweet cake.

Every morning, li xue would be in the two WeChat groups maintained by herself, and she would carefully send out delicate food pictures across the phone screen.

These products now come from a social e-commerce company behind them called cloud store, which provides unified delivery, logistics and after-sales services. Li xue is only responsible for sharing, interacting with users and collecting demands every day.

Prior to this, she had been laid off from work and stumbled upon the job.

At the very beginning, she set up a WeChat group by herself, which was originally used to exchange experience of parenting, mother-child and other things. Once, she sent some fresh pictures to the group — a bunch of fresh peaches from her hometown in hubei without pesticide.

I didn’t expect this discovery, the neighbors in the group discussed very warmly, one after another in WeChat group red envelope reservation, since then, she often put some of their own experience feel good good goods in the group or WeChat circle of friends to share, and even take the initiative to find some other hometown specialties to share.

Once, Betty casual contact to wang home next to the county, they have a lot of individual peasant farmers, almost every year home will accumulate a lot of peanuts and beef jerky made in home, because there is no market for the wholesale price is too low or stranded in the local, the harvest season of a year, are local wholesalers drove the truck to the village to wholesale price directly get in Australia.

These goods with a layer of wholesalers and supply chain companies to operate, into the provincial capital wuhan and other small and medium-sized supermarkets, finally reach the hands of consumers, a jin of peanuts from two yuan a jin to seven or eight yuan a jin.

For individual farmers like Lao wang, it is difficult for their goods to go directly to large supermarkets, let alone big supermarkets like wal-mart.

Several times, li xue directly Lao wang’s beef dry goods to share their WeChat group, a lot of booking out; Since then, li xue told Lao wang, their house over there after the goods can go her here for a long time.

Until later one day, a company called community group purchase came to the community where li xue lived to find li xue said that they wanted long-term cooperation — in addition to specialties, there are a lot of fresh products on their platform, household supplies can be directly supplied, li xue need to avoid their own constantly find good goods trouble.

Now she felt free to do so.

According to li xue, she still has many such friends in a city like wuhan.

This time involved not only social e-commerce, but also community e-commerce, community group buying and other concepts.

In addition to wuhan, in China’s second-tier cities such as changsha or hefei, even in the county town of three or four line, you may be WeChat friend or neighbor, and even runs a community store boss pulled into a WeChat group, invite you to join a group of origin fruit spell WeChat group, in the group can see someone in to the discussion of listed grapefruit or seasonal fresh fruit, can even see the real image of origin.

Under the recommendation of nearby friends or group members, you can directly click the link in the WeChat group, click the screen to pay directly with WeChat, and the next day you can pick up the goods in the fruit store or convenience store downstairs in your own community.

These companies and people, whose daily life revolves around the green WeChat interface, have a common name, social e-commerce.

In addition to these emerging social e-commerce companies, some e-commerce giants have also joined the team of social e-commerce.

Since 18years, jd has launched a social shopping guide platform called weixuan on the WeChat port, which helps merchants to guide the flow through the social distribution model. Vipshop has also launched a cloud store based on social distribution, which provides individual distributors with supply chain, logistics and after-sales services.

In addition to WeChat, even some major content social media platforms are doing e-commerce, such as douyin and weibo, where shopping links appear one after another.

Compared to the traditional electricity giant and large business super giant, social electricity of participants, they are often in WeChat group of stranger, circle of friends, through WeChat acquaintances relationship chain, ring up rapidly in WeChat this pond users, some spell WeChat group, even relying on local community fruit store to ring up the fans one by one, build group of selling goods, they are active in lower-tier cities even small town, at the edge of the mainstream of the Internet and the mainstream city, grow unchecked.

This shopping scenario and retail model look very simple. However, this model has created more and more start-ups and community residents to pay attention to and join in. Even since the beginning of the 18th century, many local social e-commerce and community e-commerce companies have successively obtained 100-million-dollar financing, which has been paid attention to by the mainstream capital market and made bets with real money.

The WeChat business and e-commerce model is popular in China.

I do not know when, WeChat group and WeChat, began to take the wheel of e-commerce, the rapid rotation, into the domestic start-up companies sweet cake.

This time, it is no longer a superior Internet model copied from abroad, nor a business model deliberately designed by the mainstream BAT Internet giants in China.

From WeChat community began to build their own fans, and their consumers directly by WeChat group interaction, through continuous social sharing and recommend to touch and spread more consumers, at last, by WeChat small programs and WeChat payment directly show commodity and trading, this is the domestic many online and offline brand stores, begin to embody social electricity, into new retail industry and the Internet as a first step, is the path of the they are.




























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