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Whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion active users worldwide, which is a huge user value space. A system that supports more than 60 billion message interactions per day is extremely stable, ensuring that any message reaches its target audience steadily. At the same time, the commercialization of WhatsApp is still weak, WhatsApp users have not been contaminated by the overwhelming advertising; This is fertile ground, fertile ground for social marketing. WhatsApp messages are sent in groups. WhatsApp social platform is a marketing platform with more space, covering all industries and categories such as e-retailing/finance.

WhatsApp marketing

WHATSAPP marketing, please contact WhatsApp: +62 82125858660.

With the tightening of WeChat’s marketing policies and the maturity of WeChat’s marketing ecosystem, more and more WeChat marketing teams feel that the time for WeChat marketing is over. More and more friends in the WeChat marketing ecosystem pay attention to WhatsApp marketing and go abroad to pay attention to this social chat platform with more marketing space.

Monobai messages, that’s a very extreme example of WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp allows users to send messages to strangers, you can send them to anyone, any of the 2 billion users, including the U.S. President, the queen; Message content can be text, pictures, GIF, voice, video, business card and other rich multimedia information, greatly enhance the display space of advertising creativity; The arrival rate of WhatsApp messages can reach 100%, and for the above reasons, the probability of users opening WhatsApp messages is as high as 80%. These characteristics ensure that advertising messages can be very effective in attracting users’ attention, which is beyond the reach of domestic WeChat marketing. Just imagine, if a customer collects or accumulates 100,000 users, it can send advertising messages or activity messages to users quickly and timely by means of WhatsApp message mass messaging, which will achieve excellent promotion and conversion effect.

WhatsApp’s main markets are India, Indonesia/Russia, South America, Africa and so on, accounting for half of the world

In Europe, America, Australia and Canada, WhatsApp is second only to Facebook

WhatsApp is good for marketing features

WhatsApp is a simple chat tool with the following characteristics suitable for marketing:

  1. It is naturally bound to mobile phone number without the concept of registration. After downloading WhatsApp, users can log in the WhatsApp if they have mobile phone number;
  2. Can send text, pictures, voice, video, contact business card, geographical location, documents and other information;
  3. Unread messages are placed on the first page of the message list with obvious unread marks;
  4. Whether the message is sent, whether it has reached the other party, and whether the other party has read the message are marked;
  5. As long as the messages received by users are not deleted, they will remain in WhatsApp forever, and users can check them at any time;
  6. For target customers, as long as they know their WhatsApp account (i.e. their mobile phone number), they can send messages to them, and once they reply, they will automatically become friends;

7.WhatsApp basically does not consider commercial realization, and the WhatsApp Business launched at present has not formed a relatively large power;

WhatsApp now in refusing to spam and SMS is very strict, many people are registered accounts this problem continuously on a link, the account been closed always continue registration is not successful, and many people is estimated at first to register good after an account to send, can only say that, you are too optimistic, estimate that you haven’t sent out a few, the account will be closed.

Manual since it is too much trouble, then it is a different way. Many estimates have seen various X advertising flying, that describe how high-end look more high-end, more simple how simple, how much more severe, but to see these, the gentleman also was also unable to ridicule, maybe you can buy to return as a collection, as to hope it can bring you what you want, this is better than you think give oneself buy a few sets of expensive clothes to wear, at least, is practical point ~

At present, the best marketing plan of WhatsApp marketing is to send a large number of accounts and accurate user groups through multiple threads on the software platform, so as to reach the target customers as soon as possible, which saves manual trouble and greatly improves efficiency. This is the most efficient, as for how to prepare to send a large number of accounts, how to filter users, what software platform to use, this you can learn about Joan mulamar WhatsApp marketing (
WHATSAPP marketing, please contact WhatsApp: +62 82125858660. ) they are very professional in this respect.

Introduction to financial APP development service

We offer financial companies and institutions of the APP design and technology development services, with nearly 10 years of experience in financial APP development, we can help Banks/financial institutions and enterprises realize their financial APP products quickly, whether P2P or car loans, consumer installment loans and small credit loan categories, such as professional and efficient solution will save money for you at the same time, get better returns.

app developing

At present, we have carried out technology research and development services with a number of financial institutions in Indonesia to provide them with financial APP development services. If you are looking for an excellent APP development service partner, please contact us immediately, WA: 082125858660.

Internet website construction service introduction

We have 10 years of experience in the Internet website construction and development services, can help businesses or individuals quickly set up their own official website, regardless of your enterprise which comes from the industry, we can provide you with the website construction, and can help you to realize the multiple languages website construction, such as Chinese/English/bahasa Indonesia.

website design

If you are looking for a good partner to help you complete the enterprise website, please contact us at WA: 082125858660.

About the company

Thank you we are from China, has 10 years experience in the Internet service in China, we have thousands of successful in providing Internet based services, such as domain name/website/server services, we also become many Banks and financial institutions set up a partnership, and help them to set up his own mobile phone APP.


China’s success gives us enough capacity to provide services to more partners and enterprises around the world. We first chose Indonesia, which is a very beautiful transition. The people here are very kind.

We are committed to providing website construction and APP development services for enterprises, especially in the financial industry. We have very mature APP development experience and have carried out technical cooperation with a number of financial service companies in Indonesia.

We are looking for more partners, if you need, please contact us, WA: 08212 5858 660. Thank you!

About our after-sales service principle

We provide sound after-sales service, as well as cooperation in the process of problem solving. In the whole cycle of cooperation with you, we will quickly respond to your questions and doubts, we will do our best to ensure that our cooperation can proceed happily and ultimately succeed.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time through our only official WHATSAPP: 082125858660

How to sell goods in wechat

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How to sell goods in wechat

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